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Tomatoes: Produced in Qalqilia, Tammoun, Tulkarem, Nablus and Jenin Districts, 1400 Dunums produces 28,000 Tons of Ikram, Cherry and Maila Tomatoes. Production period is throughout the year
Sweet Bite

Sweet Bite ; Sweet, long and crunchy, naturally fat free and high in vitamin C. Red, orange and yellow Sweet Bite peppers are available from October to June.

Zucchini: Produced mainly in Al Jalama, Jenin district, 200 Dunums produces 600 Tons. Production period is from October – May
Colored Sweet Peppers

Sweet "Colored" Peppers: Produced in Tulkarem, Tubas, Jericho Districts, and Gaza. Over 1,000 Dunums produces 12,000 Tons. Production Period is throughout the year
Green Peppers

Green Peppers: Produced in Tulkarem, Tubas and Jericho Districts, 300 Dunums of Kamba produces 300 Tons, production period is throughout the year

Chives: produced in Khan Younes - Gaza Strip, on 20 dunums of agricultural land, those produce more than 56 tons of Chives, 65% of production are used for export. Production period is from October – September
Chili Peppers

with flavor and spice. Produced in Khan Younes – Gaza Strip – on 10 dunums that produce 32 tons. Production period from January – April
Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes: produced in Kan Younes – Gaza Strip, 40 Dunums produces 200 Tons per season, 75 % of the quantity are used for exporting