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Palestine Crops

About Us- Palestine Crops

Palestine Crops® is a brand name for agricultural crops produced by skillful Palestinian growers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and includes a wide array of premium quality fresh fruits, vegetables and culinary herbs which are fully produced and handled in compliance with globally recognized quality and safety standards. Since early 90’s, the crops were formerly marketed worldwide under “Coral” brand name; our main marketing destinations are Western Europe, Russia, Arab Gulf countries and the markets of the USA.

Palestine Crops®  portfolio includes more than 30 crop varieties like Strawberries, Vine and Cherry tomatoes, Sweet Peppers (green, red, yellow and orange), around 24 varieties of culinary herbs basically Chives, Basil, Mint, Oregano, in addition to avocado, guava, date palm and others.

Palestine Crops®  products satisfy the global safety and quality demands, as most of Palestine Crops® products are GLOBAL G.A.P certified,  where our consumers worldwide can trace our products back to its production origin and verify the compliance of our producers with the quality and safety standards. The growers and other supporting actors producing and handling Palestine Crops® products are committed to apply stringent GAP based quality and safety practices through the entire value chain starting from the pre-production preparations and ending with the final distribution.  

The production capacity is highly flexible to meet the markets demands, most of fruits and vegetables are produced starting from October to May, whereas culinary herbs are produced all year around. Palestine Crops are mainly produced and marketed under the full supervision of farmer’s cooperatives that dedicate a highly competent personnel and compliance control procedures to guarantee the growers fulfillment of Palestine Crops Brand merits.